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Meet Our Team

We live and breathe marketing, every conversation, every design, every decision is made to increase your ROI and develop a memorable experience for your customers. So whether you’re just getting started or just trying to diagnose the shortcomings of an existing campaign, we’re here to help!

Erin Jackson

Project Manager

Erin began her journey into web design as a freelancer. Designing websites captured her imagination and allowed her to innovate and create – but she was missing the camaraderie and inspiration that comes from working in a team. That’s when she came to Cornerstone! Now, not only is she the point person for new web design as the Project Manager, she continues to work with our clients on innovating and expanding their websites.

Favorite Food

Anything Chocolate

Favorite Activity

Anything Outside

Favorite Movie

Galaxy Quest

Secret Super Power

Inventing awesome desserts

Favorite Travel Spot

Anywhere warm

Favorite Color


Allison Nordin

Lead Digital Designer

As the Lead Designer at Cornerstone, Allison takes care of client branding, illustration, web design, and more. She loves working with our clients and enjoys the challenges presented by helping a wide variety of businesses showcase their unique company culture through design.

Go-to-coffee order:

Matcha tea or White Chocolate Mocha

Dream Vacation


Favorite Movie

About Time

Fun Fact

I love doing macro photography

Favorite Hobby

Playing board games with my hubby

Favorite Color


Tyson Hood

Lead Developer

Tyson loves tackling new coding challenges presented by our unique and varied clients. As the Lead Developer, Tyson not only gets the opportunity to continuously learn new coding languages and procedures, but he also works with the team to shape the processes we will use for years to come. Tyson enjoys the camaraderie and fun environment that we have here at Cornerstone.

Favorite Food


Favorite Game


Favorite Color

Foresty Greenish (#363)

Dream Vacation

Norway or Space

Favorite Book

The Moon is Made of Green Cheese by Sarah Comstock

Fun Fact

Internationally Competitive Swing Dancer

Kyle Davis


Kyle is excited by three things each day: his first cup of coffee, new and interesting opportunities for videography, and working with a super chill team. Here at Cornerstone, he is able to merge all three of those factors into a cohesive whole.

Favorite Food

Mac & Cheese

Favorite Movie


Favorite Music

anything by Sleeping at Last

Favorite Hobby

Motorcycle Riding

Perfect Evening

Watching a sunset with my girlfriend

Favorite Color


Julia Shaw

Content Writer

Julia loves connecting with people every day through her writing. She enjoys taking time to understand and find the unique aspects of each of our client’s businesses. Crafting words to express the unique sensibilities of each company, while also balancing the need for keywords and SEO is a constant challenge that she enjoys undertaking every day.

Coolest place you have been

the original road that ends in Rome

Favorite Movie


Dream Vacation

a tropical island with my husband and our daughter

Favorite Book

anything by Terry Pratchett, Watership Down, Good Omens, most Stephen King novels… and more

Fun Fact

I naturally have a green thumb

Favorite Color


Mark Savage

Owner, SEO Manager

Mark began Cornerstone for three reasons: he loves to connect with people, he saw the need for good web design, and wants to see local businesses grow. As the Cornerstone team has increased, so has his excitement in seeing his customers expand their companies and take on new regions and customers. Mark is a natural connector, and he is proud to make a personal connection with each new customer, bringing them into the Cornerstone family and helping each of our clients flourish.

Best Thing About Living

My wife & my girls

Fun fact about yourself?

Engaged in >1 Month, Married in >5 Months

Are you multilingual?

Yes = #googletranslate

Favorite Food

Everything I could eat in my 20s

Do you still believe in Santa Claus?

Absolutely! & UFOs & Bigfoot (Love ya big guy)

Favorite Color


I would like to know more


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