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online marketing to boost your business including paid ads and SEO

Finding the Right Marketing Strategy

Did you know? 85% of customers search the web before making a purchase decision. Setup a Free Consultation and we’ll determine the best online strategy to capture customers looking for your business.
cornerstone web studio of Portland Oregon offers online marketing including SEO also known as search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Increasing your Google Ranking takes time, but has a major impact on your business. Getting SEO for your website can help significantly. Did you know that the #1 position receives 33% of the clicks?
Cornerstone Web Studio offers Portland SEO as well as brand awareness such as Google presence and social media management

Social Media Management

We specialize in helping our clients plan, produce, and promote content that drives audience engagement and increases online conversions.
Cornerstone Web Studio offers Portland SEO as well as paid Google advertising

Google Paid Ads

Using targeted paid ads on Google is one the most effective ways of reaching your target market online & increasing your overall revenue.
Cornerstone Web Studio offers Portland SEO as well as branding for your business in Oregon

Reputation Awareness

Our system will alert you in real time when you receive a review. This gives us the best chance to promote positive reviews and turn negative reviews around.
Cornerstone Web Studio offers Portland SEO as well as paid Google graphic ads

Online Display Ads

The Google Display Network allows us to a create custom ad experience and target your ideal demographic within a specific geographic area.
Cornerstone Web Studio offers Portland SEO as well as local business listing directories for your Portland Oregon or differently located business

Managed Local Listings

Having consistent listing information is critical for Google to rank your site & to create an excellent client experience.

Boosting Your Search Results With SEO

We Know Marketing, and We Know SEO

Listening & Understanding Your Goals + A Data-Driven Approach + Over 12 years of Digital Marketing Experience + Transparent Communication
= Consistently Delivering Outstanding Results To Our Clients

Cornerstone Web Studio is located in Portland, and we help businesses not only in Oregon but in Florida, Tennessee, Ohio, Arizona, California and throughout the US. Some of our team grew up in Portland, others have moved from various parts of the country. One thing our team has in common is our passion for marketing. The knowledge level of each individual team member is a lot higher than the average marketing company, and that ties in to our philosophy. The only way we can impact our community and help local businesses is by being experts in our fields, and SEO is no exception.

Whether you’re an expert on SEO yourself or need a basic, high level overlook of your online marketing options, we can provide you with a complete business analysis and the direction you need to get on track to marketing your business online to generate the greatest return on investment. Some marketing strategies aren’t right for certain businesses, so instead of convincing to pursue any and all avenues, we are here to help guide you to doing what makes the most sense, whether or not that involves search engine optimization.

The most common question we get about SEO from business owners is how it differs from other methods of getting online traffic, such as paid advertising, especially within the context of price comparison. Answering this question more precisely really requires addressing your particular industry and getting an understanding of paid advertising competition and average CPC (cost per click) when comparing paid search to organic search. However, the following explains a basic overview of both.

Paid Advertising vs. SEO

Paid advertising such as creating and using ads on the Google AdWords platform, generally has an associated cost for each ad click. This is a great way to skip the organics and go straight to the top within the ad sections (generally top and bottom) and start raising brand awareness, signing people up or selling products right away, depending on your goal. This does have an associated ongoing cost, seeing as each click costs. Well worth it if the acquisition cost and cost of goods is below the total sales price, because you are making profit, but that’s where SEO differentiates itself.

SEO has to do with organic rankings, what that means is that it appears in search results naturally without having to pay for clicks. No matter how many clicks you get, that traffic will always be free. Getting a lot of this traffic primarily entails getting onto page 1 or 2 or search results that are most relevant to your business. In order to do this, however, you need a time machine to go back in time when no one was doing SEO and there was little or no competition for your industry online, or if you’re still in 2018 you need an SEO engineer. Yes, an engineer! This is because the internet has become flooded with websites and businesses, and rising above the competition requires the methodical approach and the surgical precision of a brain surgeon. This involves editing website code, decreasing inefficiencies, keyword weaving, link sculpting, working with title content, meta descriptions and much more as part of an intensive data driven strategic plan. It takes some serious expertise and some hard work to get results and appease Google’s indexing algorithms.

Whether you are only considering SEO or considering other services as well we would love to discuss search engine optimization with you and explore the best routes to get your business greater exposure online and a greater resulting customer base.

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