Missing Reviews on Google? Do This!

Are you missing reviews on Google?

*If* you are like us and have blocked reviews on Google, you can follow these steps to help get them unblocked.

Why does this matter? 

Social proof sells. What happens if the reviews you are missing talk about how incredible of a company you are and how you saved people time and money?

That’s information you want need online for people to read.

How to Get Google Reviews Unblocked

Follow these steps exactly to help unblock your Google Reviews:

Submit a Google Support Request

To submit a Google Support request, visit: https://support.google.com/business/gethelp

  • Select your business.
  • Tell us what we can help with: Google Reviews missing
  • Fill out all the other basic questions, and they’ll assign you a case number.

They will respond, and when they do, reply with:

“The resources did not help me resolve the issue. Please advise on how I can get my reviews reinstated.


[Your Name].”

What to Expect

This whole sequence will take 1-3 weeks, so be patient. (We know, we know – easier said than done!) Just trust the process. Submit it, and then, check your inbox every couple of days for a reply.

Soon, you will be assigned a support agent who will help reinstate your reviews (hopefully in no time)!

Best of luck! We hope this helps you get your reviews back.

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P.S. Special thanks to Tim Cray of Expert Power Wash in Oregon City. Getting reviews back can be frustrating, but he reminded me that steadfast determination can yield amazing results! When he went through this process, he got back over 35+ reviews!

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