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Our hope is that our terms are simple to read and easy to understand, but if for any reason these terms don’t answer your questions or concerns, please reach out and we’d be happy to address those with you.

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Search Engine Marketing (“SEM”,”Google Ads”) Terms:

In addition to the terms and conditions in the General Terms and other applicable Schedules in the Agreement, the following additional terms and conditions apply to any and all Marketing Services (as defined below).

Contact Type: Minimum Term, followed by month to month

Payment Method: Setup Fee, followed by monthly recurring payment

Visibility Guarantee: Cornerstone Web Studio does not guarantee position or improvement in Client’s sales or relevant website traffic. Cornerstone Web Studio LLC makes no guarantees that the Client’s website will be visible or rank in specific locations within search results placed on the chosen Search Engine(s). However, we do have a solid track record and can provide you with examples of successfully run Google Ad Campaigns for previous clients.

Overview of the Service: The nature of optimizing Google Ad Campaigns to produce highly visible search results is a competitive and based in large part on an ever-changing auction market and as such our strategy may change without notice to the Client in order to provide what our Marketing Specialists feel would yield the best results for the Client. Cornerstone Web Studio does not control the publisher in any way and therefore makes no guarantees about when or where the Ads will be displayed by the Publishers.

SEM services are provided on a best-efforts of our Marketing Specialists. In no event shall Cornerstone Web Studio be held liable for any consequential, indirect, incidental, punitive, or special damages including, without limitation, damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, or loss of business information arising out of this Agreement or out of the actions of third parties in connection with this Agreement, even if Client has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

(i) Upon receipt of the Customer keyword research using tried and tested techniques, methods, and tools. Our Marketing Specialists will start the process using the Client’s keyword suggestions and examine your website as the initial analysis. After having performed the keyword research, a recommended keyword list will be sent to the Client for review, selection, and approval.

Client shall thoroughly review the list sent by Cornerstone Web Studio and send back an approved list for page optimization to commence. The client may approve it or suggest additional keywords. If the Client has a list of preferred keywords, Cornerstone Web Studio ’ Marketing Specialists will have to approve and analyze them first before optimization moves to the next process.

(ii) If no response is received from Client within a period of ten (10) days, Cornerstone Web Studio’s Marketing Specialist will use the keyword list sent to the Client for consideration. This list may be amended at any time, but this change may present the need for an increase in ad spend to ensure the overall success of the SEM Campaign.

(iii) Content written by Cornerstone Web Studio will follow the best practices known at the time for effective SEM ads. Cornerstone Web Studio will create new ads as necessary to improve the overall CTR and submit all content we create and allow 10 days (including non-business days) for you to review and approve said content.

(a) If we receive changes from you, we will make those changes and send them back to you for approval. We will allow another 10 days for your approval.

(b) If we do not hear from you within 10 days, we will post that month’s content without your approval.

(c) You may opt-out of this approval process by sending us your approval via email. This will allow our Marketing Specialist to make changes on the fly, which will ultimately ensure the quickest path to successful campaign management. If you opt-out of the approval process, you give Cornerstone Web Studio full authority to act on your behalf.

(iv) If Cornerstone Web Studio creates additional website page(s), those may be uploaded upon without prior approval from the client to ensure timely results. Once uploaded to the website, the Client shall carefully read the text, check all links and make sure that the design of the pages is consistent with the other site pages. The Client may request revisions if detailed instruction is given. The client will only be permitted two rounds of the changes to revise the design of the page. Minor changes in the text, layout, links, and images will be entertained. However, a radical change in the content made by the Client, will not be processed because there is little guarantee that such will perform well in the search engines. However, these larger changes may be possible through our Hourly Website Design Service.

(v) Cornerstone Web Studio is authorized to make a copy of the Client’s website for archival and disaster recovery purposes.

(vi) The Client will receive an SEM Visibility report at the beginning of each month, presenting a detailed visibility report to verify the ‘real’ overall performance.

(vii) Completion of this Marketing Agreement lasts until the contract between Client and Cornerstone Web Studio has been terminated.

Admin Authorization: Cornerstone Web Studio does not release administration rights to the Google Ads accounts we create. If you cancel your service with Cornerstone, you will have to setup a new account with Google.

(i) Cornerstone Web Studio will be given administrator access of your Website and is authorized to universally change the site structure (ie. adding or removing plugins), post content (ie. images, content, additional pages, etc…) on your behalf.

Cancellations: Once your minimum contract term has been met. A 30-day Cancellation Request must be received via email. Once received, we will schedule the next months before requesting to be removed from the Admin list of your social media account. It is your responsibility to remove our Admin access.

(i) The suspension or termination of Cornerstone Web Studio services or of the Agreement shall not absolve the client from paying any outstanding fees, interests, and penalties. Client shall be responsible for any costs for the collection of such fees. Costs herein contemplated shall include, among other expenses rightfully due to Cornerstone Web Studio, attorney’s fees, expenses of litigation, and payment of damages.

(i) Once all outstanding fees are collected, a client can request to purchase their Cornerstone Google Ads Campaign data from Cornerstone for a buy-out fee of $2,500.

Refunds/Credit: All payments made to Cornerstone Web Studio are non-refundable and Cornerstone Web Studio makes absolutely no guarantees with any SEM services.

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